How do I apply to live here?

You can check out our up-to-date inventory on our Website by clicking on “Apply Now”. All details should be listed including the unit number, square footage, Floor Plan, View, and any other varying amenities. Once you submit an application our team will reach out to you with further information to put down a hold Deposit along with any other need to know information on your application status.

Can I live with my friend/partner?

You Are more than welcome to live with a friend or partner in our available studio depending on the square footage. Just keep in mind that the average Parsonage Unit is about 260sqft, so it would ultimately be up to you if you could live comfortably in that amount of space with another person.

Are pets allowed at any of the apartments? What if I have a hamster/guinea pig/lizard?

Pets are not allowed at Parsonage. The only exceptions being a properly documented Service Animal or ESA.

How much rent cost? What is/is not included in the rent?

Rent can range anywhere from $1235/month up to $1800/month depending on unit type, size, and where the unit is located in the building. Additionally nothing is included in rent. Internet is the responsibility of the resident, and all utilities are billed as a separate flat rate charge.

Are short term leases available?

Short term leases are available on a case by case basis. Please reach out to the office if you are seeking lease terms any shorter than the standard 12 month lease being offered.

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